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  • Malaysia Master GST Guide 2017, 3rd Edition

    Malaysia Master GST Guide 2017 provides a clear, concise and practical explanation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia. This book is an invaluable tool for tax advisers and accountants in public practice, as well as those in the corporate and public sectors. This 3rd Edition ... Read more

    Published: Mar 2017

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    eBook MYR230.00 (no SST)
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  • Financial Accounting and Reporting in Malaysia, Volume 1 (6th Edition)

    This book focuses on the accounting principles (with emphasis on local practices) and readers are guided on the preparation, presentation and reporting of financial statements that are in compliance with MFRSs, or with MPERS. This latest 6th Edition now has 23 chapters, compared to 18 previous... Read more

    Published: Jan 2017

    eBook MYR255.00 (no SST)
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  • Consolidated Financial Statements, 8th Edition

    The latest edition of this book aims to keep up to date with the current developments in financial reporting standards on group accounts promulgated by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and to incorporate the changes in the new Malaysian Companies Act 2015 on no par value share... Read more

    Published: Aug 2016

    Book MYR215.00 (no SST)
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  • Tax Planning for Businesses in Malaysia

    Businesses in Malaysia have seen a steady tightening of the rules enforcing selfassessment such as the refusal of a tax deduction for an expense where information is not provided within the time allowed; and the denial of the right to appeal against a deemed assessment unless the taxpayer’s... Read more

    Published: Jun 2016

    Book MYR110.00 (no SST)
    eBook MYR110.00 (no SST)
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  • Guide to Company Secretarial Practice in Malaysia (3rd Edition)

    This Guide to Company Secretarial Practice in Malaysia provides a clear and concise explanation of the legislative framework, compliance requirements and ramifications of company secretarial practice in Malaysia. Particular regard is given to the application procedures and compliance wo... Read more

    Published: May 2016

    eBook MYR168.00 (no SST)
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  • The Law of Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia - An Essential Guide for Practitioners

    This book aims to help practitioners and businesses navigate through the Goods and Services Tax Act 2014, and to help them understand how the provisions will be interpreted by the Malaysian courts. The book contains the full text of the GST Act and its subsidiary legislation. Added to this are ex... Read more

    Published: Feb 2016

    Book MYR199.00 (no SST)
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  • The Impact of GST on Accounting

    The Impact of GST on Accounting aims to help businesses identify and implement ways to properly maintain their accounting processes for GST as well as their record-keeping practices to avoid the strict penalties imposed for non-compliance. Key features: - Preparing and administering GST accou... Read more

    Published: Nov 2015

    Book MYR145.00 (no SST)
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  • GST Compliance Made Easy

    GST Compliance Made Easy provides readers with a quick reference guide to understanding and fulfilling their responsibilities under GST law.This book will help businesses, especially those who have registered for GST or are filing GST returns for the first time, to self-assess their GST submissio... Read more

    Published: Sep 2015

    Book MYR125.00 (no SST)
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  • Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia (2nd Edition)

    This book explains the main areas of law relating to business and corporate law in Malaysia. This book is written in a concise and simple point-by-point manner that enables easy understanding and a quick grasp of the main key points of the issue in discussion. Case examples, references to legisla... Read more

    Published: May 2015

    Book MYR178.00 (no SST)
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  • Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (The MPERS Framework)

    This book takes an issues-based approach to explain the principles and issues in the MPERS and relates them to the acutal practices in Malaysia. Key features: Best practice : Provides guidance on the preparation and presentation of financial statements that are in compliance with MPERS. ... Read more

    Published: Oct 2014

    Book MYR188.00 (no SST)
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  • CCH GST Case Summaries

    This book features a carefully selected collection of over 150 GST cases from SIngapore, Australia and Britain. Knowing and understanding GST case law is important as such 'decisional authority' gives flesh to the GST law, helping to define the meaning of terms within the legislation and ... Read more

    Published: Aug 2014

    Book MYR198.00 (no SST)
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  • The RPGT Handbook

    This handbook adopts a holistic approach and highlights the wider implications of the provisions in law. Numerous worked examples are used to support the narrative and references are made to the relevant case law decisions. It explains the the workings of RPGT to enable readers to mitigate its im... Read more

    Published: Mar 2014

    Book MYR118.00 (no SST)
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  • Construction Adjudication in Malaysia

    Construction Adjudication in Malaysia examines the legal principles which govern the application The Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act 2012 (“CIPA Act 2012”)and provides guidance through an examination of relevant case law decided in the United Kingdom, New South Wale... Read more

    Published: Aug 2013

    Book MYR388.00 (no SST)
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  • Business Combinations and Consolidation, 2nd Edition

    This second edition of Business Combinations and Consolidation has incorporated the requirements of the new IFRSs 3, 10, 11 and 12, as well as IAS 27 (revised) and IAS 28 (revised). These new and revised IFRSs bring about significant changes to some current practice and the consolidation techniqu... Read more

    Published: Nov 2011

    Book MYR160.00 (no SST)
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  • Income Tax Deductions for Businesses Malaysia

    Income Tax Deductions for Businesses, Malaysia aims to help businesses reduce their taxable income as much as possible by taking all the legitimate deductions they are entitled to as business expenditure. It explains the basic rules that apply to deductions in general and then gets into the detai... Read more

    Published: Nov 2011

    Book MYR188.00 (no SST)
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  • Understanding the Accounting for Impairment of Assets

    The book is a practice guide of accounting for Impairment of Assets and offers preparers and auditors a good understanding of the concept, application and its implication on financial statements. Key features: Contains various rules of impairment found in different FRS for one-stop c... Read more

    Published: Oct 2011

    Book MYR110.00 (no SST)
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  • Guide to International Transfer Pricing

    Guide to International Transfer Pricing — Best practices and the OECD Guidelines is a practical work that presents an overview of the fundamental concepts applied in transfer pricing and provides guidance on an array of critical transfer pricing issues. Its primary objective is to arm the v... Read more

    Published: Sep 2011

    Book MYR110.00 (no SST)
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  • Trade Unions in Malaysia

    This easy-to-read Guide explains the roles and responsibilities of trade unions to industrial peace and harmony and the administration of trade unions. Also, both trade union officers and employers will learn how to make the collective bargaining process smoother, more reproductive, less contenti... Read more

    Published: May 2011

    Book MYR198.00 (no SST)
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  • Stamp Act 1949: Commentary and Cases

    This book brings together the extensive experience of the renowned legal firm Shearn Delamore & Co and professional tax publisher, CCH Asia Pte Limited. Avoiding esoteric commentaries, this book adopts a simplistic and user-friendly approach of explaining the application of stamp duty law in ... Read more

    Published: Aug 2010

    Book MYR90.00 (no SST)
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  • Efficient Auditing of Private Companies

    Efficient Auditing of Private Companies gives you practical guidance on how to comply with ISA's without blowing your budget. It enables you to carry out audits in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The process is outlined and explained in three parts - Planning; Implementation; and Comp... Read more

    Published: Jul 2010

    Book MYR188.00 (no SST)
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