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Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2018, 35th Edition

Book MYR265.00 (No SST)
eBook MYR280.90 (including SST)

The Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2018 is specifically designed as a reference guide to help tax professionals, accountants and taxpayers to fulfil their tax obligations for the 2017/2018 income year. It also provides information on the goods and services tax, tax incentives, double taxation as well as the tax implications of decisions and transactions that taxpayers may face in 2018.

All pertinent tax developments since the publication of the Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2017, including those effected by the 2018 Budget, the Finance Act 2017, the recent exemption orders, rules, IRB guidelines and public rulings issued, have been incorporated into this edition. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Working examples and case law to illustrate how the law is applied in practice
  • At-a-glance practical guidance on every aspect of the Malaysian tax regime
  • Key legislation and commentary
  • Investment incentives addressed in detail with specific examples

The Guide explains how the law is relevant to individuals, corporations and other taxable entities. Foreign business professionals interested in doing business in Malaysia will find the explanation of the industrial and investment incentives particularly beneficial. 

Topics Covered

1.   Individuals
2.   Companies
3.   Mutual Concerns
4.   Partners and Partnerships
5.   Estates, Trust, Beneficiaries, Settlements
6.   Basis of Assessment and Tax Accounting
7.   What is Included in Assessable Income
8.   Exemptions and Exclusions from Assessable Income
9.   Business Deductions
10. Reliefs and Deductions
11. Capital Allowances
12. Non-residents and Special Cases
13. Investment Incentives
14. The Administrative Provisions
15. Tax Treaties — Double Taxation Relief
16. Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
17. Real Property Gains Tax
18. Stamp Duty
19. Goods and Services Tax (GST)


Consultant Editor : Vincent Josef

Tax Advisor : Dr Veerinderjeet Singh

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