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Malaysia Master GST Guide 2017, 3rd Edition

Richard Thornton, Thenesh Kannaa

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eBook MYR230.00 (No SST)

Malaysia Master GST Guide 2017 provides a clear, concise and practical explanation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Malaysia. This book is an invaluable tool for tax advisers and accountants in public practice, as well as those in the corporate and public sectors.

This 3rd Edition has been considerably revised and updated to reflect changes and developments to the law, guidelines and announcements that have occurred since publication of the 2nd Edition in June 2015.

Malaysia Master GST Guide 2017 concisely incorporates and presents in a reader-friendly manner information from various sources including the GST Act, Orders and Regulations, over 70 guides issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and Director General’s decisions as well as key foreign cases.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Clear, practical and comprehensive coverage of Malaysian GST, with a wealth of examples, practical tips, key foreign case decisions, flowcharts and diagrams to support explanations.
  • Law references are included at the end of each paragraph headings to help readers conduct further research.
  • Tips and diagrammatical summaries at the end of seven core chapters.
  • Zero-rated Supply, Exempt Supply and Relief Orders (as amended) are included.
  • List of resources available at the RMC’s website and index to Director General’s decisions (amended items reflected alongside) for easy referencing.
  • Finding aids comprising index, legislation finding list and case table.
  • The onerous task of keeping up-to-date is now easy with the key changes since June 2015 summarised in the preliminary pages of the book. 

Topics Covered

  1. Overview • Basic Concepts
  2. Getting Started with GST
  3. Registration
  4. Supply • Accounting for GST
  5. Claiming Input Tax Credits
  6. GST Adjustments
  7. Taxable Periods • Accounting Basis
  8. GST Returns • Payments • Refunds • Assessments
  9. Imports and Exports
  10. Special Schemes
  11. Specific Issues
  12. Industry-specific Matters
  13. Administrative Matters
  14. Transitional Issues
  15. Pricing • Cashflow • Planning

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