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Income Tax Act 1967 with complete Regulations and Rules (6th Edition)

Wolters Kluwer Editors

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Income Tax Act 1967 - with complete Regulations and Rules is ideal for practitioners to use in the courtroom, handy as a desk or portable reference and reliable as a student text.This volume contains the full text of the Income Tax Act 1967 - Rules and legislative notifications relating to income tax have also been reproduced or summed up in easy-to-read table form. This 2016 edition incorporates all amendments up to 1 April 2016.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive indexing
  • List of amending legislation
  • Summaries of the latest amendments
  • Descriptive sub-section headings in square brackets, and
  • Explanatory history notes of amendments to the legislation

Contents includes:

  1. Income Tax Act 1967
  2. Perundangan (Legislative Notification and Rules)
  3. Employees’ Provident Fund Contribution Rates
  4. Tax Information

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