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The Impact of GST on Accounting

Tan Thai Soon

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The Impact of GST on Accounting aims to help businesses identify and implement ways to properly maintain their accounting processes for GST as well as their record-keeping practices to avoid the strict penalties imposed for non-compliance.

Key features:
- Preparing and administering GST accounting
- Setting up tax codes and completing the GST return
- Recording the different types of accounting entries
- Adjustments on GST
- Reconciling the GST return form, and
- The impact of GST on financial statements, income tax, import duty, RPGT, stamp duty, etc.

Contents includes:
1. Accounting for GST
2. Understanding the GST Return and Recommended Tax Codes
3. Accounting Entries – Income and Deemed Supplies
4. Accounting Entries – Expenses and Assets
5. Accounting Entries – Cross Border Transactions
6. Accounting Entries – Transitional Period
7. Accounting Entries – Issues Facing Mixed Suppliers
8. Financial Statements and Related Documents
9. Documentation and Record Keeping
10.Impact of GST on Income Tax, Import Duty, RPGT and Stamp Duty

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