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Principles of Business and Corporate Law, Malaysia (2nd Edition)

Loganathan Krishnan, Parimaladevi Rajoo, Anne Chrishanthani Vergis

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This book explains the main areas of law relating to business and corporate law in Malaysia. This book is written in a concise and simple point-by-point manner that enables easy understanding and a quick grasp of the main key points of the issue in discussion. Case examples, references to legislation, case law, illustrations and examples are used to support explanations.

Key features:

  • Gain a general understanding of the Malaysian legal framework.
  • Easy to read, understand and remember. The point-by-point style helps in memorising so that students will do well in their examinations.
  • Obtain a firm grasp of the legal concepts of business and company law. Practicing professionals can use it for reference purposes.
  • Useful section headings and keywords help add focus to each section and facilitate the research process.
  • Readers will know how to avoid copyright infringement, what copyright infringement is and keep themselves/their companies from being sued.

Topics covered:
1. Introduction to Law
2. The Malaysian Legal System
3. The Law of Contract
4. Agency
5. Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
6. Company Law
7. Sale of Goods
8. Law of Hire-Purchase
9. Law of Tort
10. Negotiable Instruments
11. Consumer Protection
12. General Principles of Insurance
13. Labour Law

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