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Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (The MPERS Framework)

Tan Liong Tong

Book MYR188.00 (No SST)

This book takes an issues-based approach to explain the principles and issues in the MPERS and relates them to the acutal practices in Malaysia.

Key features:

  • Best practice : Provides guidance on the preparation and presentation of financial statements that are in compliance with MPERS.
  • Improve reporting : Helps users to improve proficiency during this transition period from PERS to MPERS so that they are able to report the performance of the company in the financial statements more accurately.
  • Easy reference : Concise and easy-to-read guide which makes understanding the principles and accounting issues of MPERS comprehensible
  • Credible and practical commentary : Authored by an eminent accounting professional in Malaysia, Prof Tan Liong Tong
  • Convenient : Handy size for carrying everywhere, for a quick guide, research or study

Topics covered:

  1. An Overview of Private Entity Reporting in Malaysia
  2. Conceptual Framework, Concepts and Pervasive Principles
  3. Presentation of Financial Statements
  4. Single-Entity Statement of Cash Flows
  5. Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errors
  6. Revenue
  7. Inventories
  8. Construction Contracts
  9. Property Development Activities
  10. Property, Plant and Equipment
  11. Investment Property
  12. Intangible Assets other than Goodwill
  13. Impairment of Assets & Discontinued Operations
  14. Basic Financial Instruments & Borrowing Cost
  15. Other Financial Instrument Issues
  16. Leases
  17. Income Tax
  18. Employee Benefits
  19. Share-Based Payment Transactions
  20. Provisions and Contingencies
  21. Government Grants
  22. Events after the End of the Reporting Period
  23. Liabilities and Equity
  24. Business Combinations and Equity
  25. Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
  26. Joint Ventures and Associates
  27. Foreign Currency TranslatiosConsolidated Statement of Cash Flows
  28. Related Party Disclosures
  29. Specialised Activities
  30. First-time Adoption of MPERS
  31. Hyperinflation
  32. A Comparative Analysis of PERS, MPERS and MFRS Frameworks

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