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Business Combinations and Consolidation, 2nd Edition

Tan Liong Tong

Book MYR160.00 (No SST)

This second edition of Business Combinations and Consolidation has incorporated the requirements of the new IFRSs 3, 10, 11 and 12, as well as IAS 27 (revised) and IAS 28 (revised). These new and revised IFRSs bring about significant changes to some current practice and the consolidation techniques used currently will need to be modified to suit these changes. Thus, it is essential that readers are aware of the principles that have been prescribed in these new and revised IFRSs. .

Key features: 

  • It explains in an easy to understand manner the various forms and processes of business combinations and provide practical guide on the accounting treatment for the  transactions
  • Explains the requirements of the IFRSs in a comprehensive yet easy to understand manner, replete with illustrations and case studies covering the commonly faced circumstances
  • An issue-based book that focuses on the application aspects of the requirements of the IFRSs

Topics covered: 

1. Business Combinations
2. Reverse Acquisition Accounting
3. Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements
4. Joint Arrangements, Associates and Disclosures of Interests in Other Entities

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