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Income Tax Deductions for Businesses Malaysia

Vincent Josef

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Income Tax Deductions for Businesses, Malaysia aims to help businesses reduce their taxable income as much as possible by taking all the legitimate deductions they are entitled to as business expenditure. It explains the basic rules that apply to deductions in general and then gets into the details of the special rules and case laws that apply to some commonly encountered issues on business deductions.

Key features:
- Explains the types of expenses with clear and concise illustrations and commentaries.
- Provides references to the relevant laws, i.e. Income Tax Act 1967, Promotion of Investments Act 1986 and Indirect Taxes
- Simple English that is reader-friendly to facilitate easy understanding

Topics covered:
1.   Deduction of outgoings and expenses
2.   Capital outgoings v Revenue expenses
3.   Specifically prohibited deductions
4.   Employees’ expenses
5.   Travelling expenses
6.   Self-education and subscriptions
7.   Business expenses
8.   Tax expenses
9.   Losses
10. Interest
11. Rent and repairs
12. Bad debts
13. EPF and other contributory payments
14. Mining expenditure
15. Replanting expenditure
16. Research expenditure
17. Stock-in-trade
18. Corporate reorganisation
19. Asset-backed securities

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