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Understanding the Accounting for Impairment of Assets

Hoh Kim Hyan

Book MYR110.00 (No SST)

The book is a practice guide of accounting for Impairment of Assets and offers preparers and auditors a good understanding of the concept, application and its implication on financial statements.

Key features:

  • Contains various rules of impairment found in different FRS for one-stop cross referencing
  • Covers the rules on when and how impairment should be accounted for, the measurement basis and when reversals are allowed on FRS 136 Impairment of Assets
  • Discusses impairment of financial assets which is dealt with in FRS 139 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement
  • Includes extensive illustrative examples and illustrative notes to financial statements on the application of the principles/rules on impairment

Topics covered:

1.   Introduction
2.   Financial Reporting Standards Governing Accounting for Impairment
3.   FRS 136 Impairment of Assets
4.   Impairment of Financial Assets (FRS 139)
5.   Investments in Subsidiaries (FRS 127)
6.   Investments in Associates (FRS 128)
7.   Interests in Joint Ventures (FRS 131)
8.   Property, Plant & Equipment (FRS 116)
9.   Investment Property (FRS 140)
10. Intangible Assets (FRS 138)
11. Non-current Assets Held For Sale (FRS 5)
12. Inventories (FRS 102)
13. Property Development Activities (FRS 201)
14. Taxation in Relation to Impairment Loss 
15. Some Practical Issues
16. Disclosure Requirements
17. Appendices

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