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A Guide to Corporate Governance in Malaysia

Wolters Kluwer Editors

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A Guide to Corporate Governance in Malaysia is designed to help directors to cope with the duties and responsibilities that the law imposes on, and the community expects of them. In particular, it seeks to identify those areas and activities in which directors have potential liability. This book will raise awareness in directors and/or would-be directors so that they are better equipped with the knowledge to play the role of a corporate leader.

Key features:

  • Explains the extent and limitations of shareholders’ powers
  • Explores how shareholders’ various rights may be protected
  • Comprehensive coverage ranging from fundamental issues like director’s fiduciary duty to the often debated topics of responsibility towards stakeholders and sharing of rights and responsibilities between the board of directors and shareholders

Topics covered: 
1. What is Corporate Governance? 
2. Legislative Structure 
3. Administering the Company 
4. Directors: Control and Monitoring 
5. Shareholders: Ownership and Decision Making 
6. Case Summaries 
7. Appendices

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