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GST Tax Codes - Principles and Case Studies in its Application

Expert Speaker J Selvarajah

MYR901.00 (including SST)



GST Tax Codes are the key to getting accurate GST-03 Returns. As they were designed to work with accounting software to collate and apply the correct amounts and various fields in GST-03.  Errors in tax codes would inevitably result errors in the GST-03 and penalties will be imposed. By getting a sound understanding of the recommended tax in its application to a wide variety of transactions through extensive case studies is the key to accurate GST Returns as the Returns are designed to work with the Tax Codes.

This extensive case studies workshop will give you a wide and comprehensive understanding of application and all recommended GST Tax Codes.

What You Will Learn

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Obtain the latest GST updates
  • Understand the application of all recommended GST Tax Codes.
  • Be able to correctly assign GST tax codes for different business transactions
  • Gain insights on GST tax codes comparison
  • Able to map the GST tax codes to the correct fields in the GST-03 Returns

Who Should Attend

This workshop is suitable for:

  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Directors / Managers
  • Accountants and Accounting Staff
  • Anyone involved with the preparation and review of GST returns

Programme Outline

GST Tax Codes and Case Studies.

  • Understand the principles of tax codes and how they affect the GST Returns
  • Case studies on application of tax codes
  • How to maintain correct accounting by using accurate GST tax codes.
  • Classify transactions correctly
  • Learn proper tax codes for all forms (Input tax & Output tax)
  • New tax codes and practical applications using actual situations
  • Identifying the tax codes for mixed supplies and how to apply them in practice
  • Mapping the GST tax codes to the correct fields in the GST-03 Returns
  • Errors discovered in application of correct tax codes for prior months, which may have resulted error in past GST-03 Returns.
  • List of tax codes for special types of transactions
  • Transitional Issues and the entries in the accounting records and GST-03 Returns

Expert Speaker

J Selvarajah, is a senior partner of a well-established professional practice in Kuala Lumpur which is a member of an international network of accounting and consulting firms serving a wide range of clients, supported by international committees, task force, frequent meetings and seminars, leading to consistent high standards. He is also the current Chairman of the international network.

He has 46 years of work experience in public practice particularly in external audit and financial reporting for public and private entities, internal audits, corporate governance and risk assessments, company secretarial practice and fraud prevention. He is also internal auditor for several public listed companies on Bursa Malaysia and SMEs’. He has also performed several investigative audits on accounting malpractices, embezzlement and money laundering. He is actively engaged in GST Consultancy services for the clients of the practice.

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